The Red Queen

“Off with their heads!” Your search for the ​Red Herring​ leads you to the most obvious location in Wonderland – the Red Queen and all her red things. As you interview residents of Wonderland, you’ve heard many strange accounts of the Queen’s beheadings. But perhaps amongst the rolling heads, you’ll find out where the Red Herring is hiding…

Each night, I set my alarm _____ and ____ my door.
For dinner, I made _____ squash and ____ on the cob.
Try not to _____ sharp things, or else you’ll shout “____!”
Make sure to brush and _____ each night to prevent the ____ of your teeth!
It’s a perfect compromise. In other words, it’s an _____ ____!
Can we go _____ diving in ____?
Listen to the ____ of the wolves and the hoots of the ____!
I first watched the movie with ____ and Genie a long time ___.
The hallway was quite ______, and an _____ pointed the way to the exit.
After taking out the _____, wash your hands or else you might get a ____.
We sail in the ______ to celebrate _____ Day each April.
I enjoy solving each and _____ puzzle ____ much!!
Fun fact: Hestia is goddess of the ______ and Gaia is goddess of the _____.
We have all ______ that _____ is bad – it’s better to share!
It was chilly while watching that play in the _______ because the ______ was broken.